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What are Orgalime General Conditions?

General Conditions and other forms of standard contracts simplify negotiations and rationalise the handling of contracts and contract relations. They have been designed to reflect normal contract practice in industry. More than 1.000.000 copies of Orgalime's different sets of General Conditions have been supplied to engineering companies throughout the world.

What kind of Orgalime General Conditions does your company need?

Please consult our guide for Orgalime General Conditions to help companies choose which set of General Conditions is appropriate for a particular purpose.

For whom are General Conditions in electronic format useful?

For companies that would like to attach an electronic version of Orgalime’s General Conditions when sending tenders and contracts by emails to their customers and suppliers.

What if my company is a subsidiary of a Group?

The Group's head office can register for an Orgalime licence and all subsidiaries can use the publications purchased. In this case the group must indicate the accumulated turnover of all its subsidiaries where specified. Otherwise, a subsidiary may register for purchasing a licence simply for the country where it is situated. In this case it indicates the subsidiary's turnover where specified.

What does the licence agreement include?

The Licence covers exclusively the right to store the language versions of the General Conditions in your internal information system and to reproduce these versions in electronic format for use in tenders and contracts between you and your customers and suppliers. The licence also covers the right for your customers and suppliers to print out paper copies of these General Conditions received by you electronically and use such copies solely for the purpose of your tenders/contracts.

What does the licence agreement NOT include?

The licence does not give the right to store Orgalime’s licensed documents on an open internet site.

How long is the Licence granted ?

The Licence is granted for one year.

Prices and reductions?

There is a fixed price for each publication, dependent on the number of language versions. Please consult here the price lists for members and non-members. Member companies of one of our member federations receive a reduction of 50%. You can consult our members page with the list of all our member federations. By clicking on the link of the member federations in your country you will get to their website where you can apply for membership.

Do I get a discount if I order more than one publication?

Yes, we offer significant discounts. For 2 publications the discount is 20% of the total invoice. For 3 publications 30% and for 4 publications or more 40% of the total invoice.

What if Orgalime updates the text of one of its General Conditions?

We will inform you and provide you with the new version of any amendments to the General Condition you have purchased.

Where can I buy other Orgalime publications?

In this online shop you can only order Orgalime General Conditions in electronic version. Other Orgalime publications like Model Forms, Guides or other publications (see list) can be ordered through Orgalime member federations or if you are not based in a country with an Orgalime member, directly through Orgalime.