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Tällä palvelulla voit tilata kaikkia julkaisujamme 24 tuntia vuorokaudessa. Voit turvallisin mielin ostaa mitä tahansa online-luettelomme tuotteista luottaen Orgalimen erinomaiseen varmistustasoon (varmennetut luottokorttitapahtumat), asiakkaan yksityisyyden suojaan ja sitoutettuun asiakaspalveluun.


  1. Supplementary Conditions for Minor Installation Work concerning Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products, delivered under Orgalime S 2012 - MI 18

  2. General Conditions for the Supply of Standard Products - STP 18

  3. General Conditions for the Repair of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment - R 17

  4. General Conditions for Maintenance of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Equipment - M 17

  5. Supplementary Conditions for the Supervision of Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products - S 2012 S

  6. General Conditions for Computer Software - SW 14

  7. General Conditions for the Supply and Installation of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products - SI 14

  8. General Conditions for the Supply of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Products - S 2012

  9. The S 2012 General Conditions are an updated version of the original S 2000 conditions. They are primarily intended for use in international contracts for delivery of engineering industry products in general. They can also be used for national contracts, but they are not suitable for use in consumer contracts.
    If Orgalime's S2012 conditions have been drawn up on the same basic principles as UN ECE 188, there are substantial differences both as regards structure and content. The most obvious difference is that Orgalime S 2012 are complete and do not need a separate agreement on basic terms, such as the length of the defects liability period and the extent of the seller's liability for late delivery.
    Orgalime S 2012 general conditions are now available in English, German, French, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Lithuanian, Chinese, Russian and Turkish. Additional language versions will be added soon.

    There is a special annex which should be used in contracts when German law applies.

    The guide on the use of Orgalime S 2000 General Conditions, which is intended for use by lawyers who come across S 2000 in connection with disputes or otherwise, provides detailed comments and explanations of the provisions of these conditions and has been drafted by a number of the writers of Orgalime's General Conditions. The guide is not updated yet to the S 2012 general conditions but it may still be of help when seeking further comments and explanations on S 2012 clauses. It can be ordered directly through your national Orgalime member federation.
    Please also consult whether the supplementary conditions for the supervision of erection of mechanical, electrical and electronic products for equipment S2000S are useful for your purposes.

  10. General Conditions for the Manufacture and Supply of Specially Designed Components - SC 96 / 06

  11. General Conditions for Series Processing - SP 99